10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I did urine culture test, creatinine is low and crystal oxalate present,, what does it mean n what should I do?

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Answer: Hi, Creatinine levels vary from person to person depending on factors such as body size, age, or gender, so there is no standard or 'normal' level. Low creatininelevels could indicate a problem with the muscles or liver but may be due to something less serious, such as reduced muscle mass in older adults, or pregnancy. Calcium oxalate crystals means chances of stone formation is there It could be early precipitation Don't worry take adequate fluids round the clock with urine output of more than 2.5 litres. Hope this helps.
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Question: In my scan there is fundo-posrerior not low laying grade 4 placenta ....what does it mean?....is it save?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy Congratulations for pregnancy Fundal posterior means that theplacenta is located towards the back of your uterus. Placentas are graded from 0-3 with 3 being mature which is hopefully at 40 weeks. Your is matured a early. As ur placenta s grade 4 Eat high protien diet, lie on left side most of the time, dont take stress. Matured Placenta can still supply lot of nutrients to the baby. But keep a track of baby movements all the time, and be alert even if u feel any less fetal activities then consult to ur dr take medicines as ur dr suggest u taje care
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Question: Hello mam, I am 6 weeks pregnant and in my sonography dr seen sub chrionic hemmorrhage. What does it mean and what should I do for this. Is this serious concern?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy it occurs when the placenta partially detaches from where it was implanted in the wall of your uterus.Subchorionic hematomas can be small or large. Small ones are more common. Larger ones tend tocause more bleeding and problems so take medicine as ur dr suggest u ,avoid sex,take rest ,avoid carry heavy things too take care happy pregnancy
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