7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I did two pregnancy test and all are positive but i am not sure am i pregnant or not because my periods are very much irregular and i also have pcos .. my doctor said to me come after 14 days for tvs .. i am so worried about my pregnancy

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Answer: Dear if pregnancy test are poothen just relax you are pregnant and its possible to be pregnant with PCOS and irregular period. So dont get stressed and dont overthink about it. Go for TVS as suggested by doctor and see..
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Question: I have back and leg pain and even im not sure about pregnancy because i didnt take a test kit test but periods are not coming thats why im quiet sure
Answer: Dear there is no point in being in doubt about pregnancy. If it preganncy it is important to get the further beta hcg test done after home pregnancy test to see the growth of ur pregnancy. This is a process and has to be followed. Please do a test tomorrow morning with first urine and if it is positive get a beta hcg test done so that ur growth can be sseen. Consult gynae with the report and get the supplements presscribed. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am very tensioned about my conceive because my periods sometimes irregular so I am stressed
Answer: Hello, . Consult a doctor before planning so that you can go through some CBC , Thyroid test before planning to make your pregnancy feel better and make sure to take folic tablets that doctor will suggest before planning . For irregular periods take proper diet and plenty of fluids and drink a glass of lemon warm water with honey Early in the morning . Thank you .. I just tried all these when we are planning ..:)
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Question: My periods are 14 days late but urine pregnancy test is negative. I had pcos. And i am cunsulting with a doctor for conceiving. What i will suppose ?
Answer: Hi dear, It is quite difficult to predict pregnancy in irregular periods.you need to either wait for some more days and check at home or take up a blood test to check your beta HCG levels I would suggest you checking beta HCG levels ,as in your case it is already more than 14 days.
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