39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I delivered twins n my babies are underweight can I give them formula milk

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Answer: breast milk is the healthiest form of milk you can give to your baby and It helped have all the nutrients which is required for proper growth of baby so please focus on giving up breast milk only and drink jeera water daily so that your milk supply will not be insufficient for both your babies.
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Question: My twins girl babies are now just 7 months 1 day what type of food i can give them
Answer: Hi dear, I am providing you the diet chart which i followed for my baby. It helped baby to be healthy as well. Monday Breast milk/formula milk Apple puree Nap time Vegetable soup Breast milk/formula milk Rice porridge Breast milk/formula milk before nap time Tuesday Carrot puree Any fruit puree cereal gruel Wednesday Rice porridge Sweet potato puree fruit puree Thursday Ragi porridge Mashed banana stewed apple Friday Stewed apple with cinnamon dal water suji kheer
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Question: I delivered twins n my babies not gain weight....Doctor suggested me to give them milk powder based milk dexolac....is it safe for kids
Answer: That's so like is very good I have also used it it contains skimmed milk products and soya extracts also best for the babies nutritional needs
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Question: Hai i have twins. My babies are 23 days old.. my brest milk is not enough for them so I give formula milk also.. is their any problem to give brest milk with formula milk.. pls somebody clear me
Answer: No problem if you give breast milk n formula milk both are same
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