3 months old baby

Question: I delivered my baby 3 months back through c -section and i have gained alot of weight. Can i start excercises? If yes, plz suggest which ones?

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Question: Hi, I had c section 3 months before. How to reduce my tummy size? Can i start doing excercises? If yes can u suggest wat Kind of exercise i can do ?
Answer: Hi! The fat you have gained over a period of 9 months will definitely take some time to be shed completely since its only 3 months i would suggest you to take rest, feed the baby and let the wound heal inside out. Cutting down on sugar completely will help, along with zero restaurant or junk food. Have plenty of water. Walk for 10 mins and slowly increase the time Consult your Doctor before using a maternity belt or hitting the gyn for the matter of fact.. Good luck & hope this helps!
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Question: I delivered my baby 3 months back through C-section .i want to start my workout. Plz suggest me the excercises that I can start with
Answer: Massage. The first two weeks after your C-section is a time when any complication associated with surgery will most likely arise... you can Move Your Body,Eat Healthy ,Tummy Binding planks... along with this you should drink lots of water avoid junk foods and don't take stress. Breastfeeding will also help youm do pelvic tilts.
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Question: I delivered my baby through c-section.. and nw he is 4 months old ... But due to operation i have gained alot weight so when can i join gym
Answer: Hello, Dear baby is 4 so you can start gym. But do tell your instructor about your c section. So he will give you only easy exercise and dont put any pressure on your stitches.
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