12 months old baby

Question: I delivered a baby in March 2018 at 29 wks via c section due to amniotic fluid leakage. I didn't had any pain or bleeding at that time but dr suggested for c section. My baby was in NICU for 72 days and had PDA and fundop lication surgeries. I wanted to plan for a baby after 3 yrs but I'm worried a lot that even in 2nd pregnancy there will be high risk of preterm if 1st delivery was preterm. I couldn't hold my baby nor see when born,couldn't feed and nothing. I didn't even enjoy my motherhood. Pls share kindly give info whether the chances will be high with experience

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Answer: Don't worry .... whenever u will plan ur next child inform ur doctor about ur history she will give u some medicine for that.....but yes u have to extra carefully next time...yes chances are higher than usual but it's not necessary that next time also u will face same thing
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Question: I delivered my baby boy via c section. How many days will i bleed for?
Answer: Hi Dear! Every person is different and so is every body type, i had a C-Section too and i bled fr nearly 20 days and the important part is i hv never had a gap of months, i had normal periods cycle just after a month..So dont worry both r normal.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi, am 12 weeks preagnant, I delivered my first baby on 20 th April 2017 via c section, he didn't survive bcoz I suffered amniotic fluid leakage at 20 weeks an delivered him at 28 weeks, he was premature and left world after a month in nicu, I conceive again in October, am terrorised, cn it happen again, plz guide
Answer: hello.. dear we are very sorry to hear that from you.. dont worry... its good that you got conceived again..and many congratulations to you for that.. now dont think anything about the pat happened... pregnancy has many lot of chances.. many problems will resolve themselves.. so jus trust and follow your doctor suggestion..
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Question: For my first baby i had a c section will it be the same fr the second one too?
Answer: No if every thing is fine den u can deliver normal in ur 2nd baby or more
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