29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I couldn't able to feel the baby movements for last two days what could be the reason?

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Answer: Hello dear. A reduction in a baby’s movements can sometimes be an important warning sign that a baby is unwell. If you don't feel the constant movements for more than 24 hours, please contact your gynecologist immediately. Take care.
Answer: Hi dear your question has already been answered on the same topic please have a check .. Thank you!
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Question: Suddenly from last night, i am not able to feel the movement. What could be the reason
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry As your baby grows in this time, you'll be able to better distinguish his or her movements. You'll also figure out at what times of the day your baby is most active. Some babies just naturally move less often than others.A lack of movement also may mean that your baby is asleep.If your baby has started to move regularly and you don't feel at least 10 movements within a two-hour period, or the movements have slowed significantly, it's time to call your doctor.Hope this will help,thank you.
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Question: For last two days my baby movement is slowed down.wat could be the reason?
Answer: Hi dear at a later stage of pregnancy it is common to feel the baby movements a little less than earlier it happens just because baby grows big and there is a space crunch baby doesn't have much space to move freely hence the slowness but please don't worry it is a common as long as you get to feel the baby movements it is all fine and there is nothing to be worried about.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby rejecting soild food from last two days..what could be the reason..
Answer: Hello.. generally kids do it if they are not well like have cold cough or it could be due to teething..as in teething kids get irritated .you give teether to baby also u can give carrot slice it will be helpful for baby.u check baby gums are there sign of new teeth.
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