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Question: I checked pregnancy 4days before periods which comes positive .today is my due date and i checked again and it come negative im totally confused plse help ??

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Question: I tested 6 days before my periods and the result is positive. So i am confused is it true...the result is accurate or not as my periods date is still to come.. plz help
Answer: Hi Dear! If you hv tested 6 days ago nd result is positive its okay at times it shows before missed periods, i wud suggest you to wait fr sometime til you miss your periods and take a test again fr your peace of mind and consult a gynae soon.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Sterday i got positive result but today it is negative.....iam totally confused
Answer: Hi Dear, If you have missed your period and it tested positive yesterday,then why did you check it today again? Sometimes the Pregnancy kits are faulty .and also always check with your first urine in the hormones in initial stages would be low,and early morning urine would have more Pregnancy hormones since it is less diluted.i would advice wait for another week and recheck with first urine in morning.
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Question: Hi, 2 days before i checked pregnancy it came possitive with faint line and today i checked it has come negative what does it means
Answer: again check it agter 3 to 4 days if it comes dark pink line within 5 min .. urine samples of earlymorning do the test
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