Few weeks old baby

Question: I cant feed my baby...plz help me

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Question: I have delivered mu baby using csection on 1 august breast is not producing enough milk what shoul i do plz help me i cant feed my child
Answer: Hi dear, Breastmilk starts coming by third day of delivery.if your breasts are hard then possibly the breast milk is stored but not coming out.for that wet a towel in warm water squeeze the excess water and place on your breasts. Milk would start to flow.if it the problem of low milk supply ,try extract milk using breast pump.the more you pump out more milk is produced. So feed your baby as much as you can.the supply would increase as per the demand. You can consult your doctor,if the milk supply is too less.she would suggest you for any top milk for your baby or increase your breastmilk.
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Question: Hi.... I m third time pregnant.... i want to ask u about baby`s mother feed...extuly my nipples are not coming thatiswhy my baby cant feed from my side plz help me how can I feed my baby....??
Answer: Hello! I understand, that your nipples might be flat due to which you are facing this problem. Try a nipple shield to feed your baby. Also there are certain syringe available to pull the nipples, please use those too. Also try to use breast pump ,regularly pumping also helps to pull the nipples out. Take care
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Question: My baby is 12 month old but he cant crawl ,cant sit alonely ,i worried plz help me
Answer: Start giving vitamin d3 ...baby require more calcium for strong bones n vitamin d3 absorb calcium...consult your pediatrician to percibe vitamin d3 drops.... u can see the difference in a month
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