11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I cant drink water properly

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Answer: Take little sips often
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Question: Im 10 th week pregnent i cant drink water if i drink i ll poke shall i drink thender coconent how much quantity i can drink?
Answer: Yes it is important for you to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy. You can have coconut water, it's safe. But also add regular water and juices too your diet. If you drink and poke, try having smaller sips and don't drink water all at once
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Question: Hi i feel bitter everytime want to eat but cant what should i do even i cant drink water also
Answer: Hi dear, bitter taste in mouth is normal during pregnancy and it makes eating really difficult. Here are five simple ways to get rid of that awful taste in your mouth and regain control of your taste buds: Eat or drink citrus fruit or juice: More often than not, the metallic taste goes away if you consume acids, like citrus. Use a saltwater rinse: A teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water creates a saltwater solution for you to swoosh around your mouth, neutralizing pH levels and getting rid of that awful taste. Change your prenatal vitamin: Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal, and some lead to metal mouth more than others. Talk to your doctor about switching if you just can’t tolerate the taste in your mouth.
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Question: Can i drink soda? Because of vomiting tendency i cant drink normal water.
Answer: Instead take some lemon with honey to get out of it..dnt take soda much as it can harm ur baby..take protein rich food before bed tym..introduce ginger tea..in morning food take crackers as ur primary food next to lemon water..take clear fruit juices..
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