4 months old baby

Question: I can give bonnisan daily to my baby

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Answer: Hai New mommy! Babies get all the necessary nutrition from mothers milk. They do not need anything extra. Bonnisan can be used when kids have stomach pain or digestive problems. But they dont need it everyday.
Answer: Yes u can give trice a day but befor feeding the baby
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Question: Can I give bonnisan to my baby
Answer: Yes you can once in a week you can give on a regular basis
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Question: can i give bonnisan to my baby on daily basis..if yes then hw many times??
Answer: Hello Gripe water has alcohol in it. It's like giving ur baby a teaspoon of beer doctors advice strictly against it. Some babies get allergic reaction to it. As it has alot of sugar in it the sweet taste soothe ur baby not it's contents. The alcohol in the gripe water can knock a baby off it's equal to drinking whiskey. It can cause rashes from the herbs present in it. It is also known to cause tooth decay. Avoid gripe water.
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Question: My baby has gas problem ,can I give bonnisan daily?
Answer: Yes dear you can give bonnison to your baby but dosage should be strictly as prescribed by doctor also whenever baby is gassy just apply hing mixed with water around baby's navel that will give a quick relief to baby from gas....
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