3 years old baby

Question: I breadtfed my baby till his 1st birthday and next day i immediately sent him to native place ( away from me) so that i could focus on my work. Now my son is back with me , all healthy and currently 2 year 6 months old However i really feel guilty that i should have breast fed him more but there was no option as there was no one to take of him that time.

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Answer: It's okay. You did your best and how long you can do. Good thing. Take care
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Question: How long should we breast feed ? I have breastfed my son till his 1st birthday and immediately had to send my son the next day to native place as there was no one to look after and i had to focus on work. I feel very guilty about it now. Though noe he is healthy 2.6 yr ole kid with 15 .3 kg weight
Answer: Hi dear dont feel guilty as u need to feed ur baby for the first 6 month and giving till 1 year is enough. I surely understand u r doing all dese for his betterment only. Dont feel guilty dear. Stay strong.
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Question: I have delivered baby boy through c section. And initially there was no breast milk supply.so my baby was fed oñ lactogen powder through bottle. However now i do have milk supply. But baby doesn't latch. Please help
Answer: Hie Continue offering your breast around your baby meal time as then he would be more accepting If you offer it when your baby is crying for food then he might not accept it Wat h youtube videos online for proper technique Bring your baby to breast in a way your nipples touch his nose and then ley him find it or rub it on his lips and ensure he latches with entire areola in his mouth for better flow You may as well consult a lactation expert for guidance
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Question: At my 28 week ultrasound i was told that my baby girl is currently in 12% precentile. She's healthy but is there anyway that by the next ultrasound at 32 weeks she might be in a higher precentile?
Answer: Hi dear I would say that if your baby is healthy then there is nothing that you need to worry about maybe the size is small but then otherwise overall health is good then there is nothing to be worried about please listen to your doctor and follow the instructions your doctor has asked you to follow that wil be enough.. Hope this helps!
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