23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am working in a pvt company. When is the right time to tell about pregancy in office. As my boss is not supportive at all

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Answer: Hello dear. It is better to inform once your belly starts showing which is in 5th month. As after that it may worsen the situation with your boss in case you are looking for maternity leave. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi ... I am a working in a IT company .... Which time is best to take a leave from office?
Answer: Hello dear As long as u are having no medical complications. If u are enjoying healthy pregnancy then u can continue ur job till 9 month. It will not affect ur baby but more walking and more movement in pregnancy leads to healthy baby. More movement in pregnancy also will help u to have safe and normal delivery
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Question: Hii i am 14 weeks pregnant and a working woman. My office os on the second floor of the building. Lift us not working. Can i take stairs to the office? Is that not harmful at this stage?
Answer: Hi ...climbing stairs is actually good for you and your baby under normal circumstances unless there are some complications or your doctor has advised ..its a good form of exercise to keep blood flowing ,but please be careful while climbing stairs maintain your balance ,as you will progress in your pregnanacy you will have more weight in front of your body so follow safety tips to make sure you stay safe like use handrails go slow always make sure you are comfortable and never try to force yourself. have a very healthy and happy pregnanacy
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Question: Am not working as if now hence, its very difficult to pass my time. Nowadays, i want my near and dear ones to be around me all the time. I dont like my mum in laws company as she is a very negative person. Always cribbing about her life. Please share few ideas what i can do in these 9 months
Answer: Complete ur work early if u r devotional go to ur religious temple spend praceful time ther ..n read ramayan n srimathbagavatham n moral.storirs book which r in ur language...i m doing the same frequently visitinf iskon temple too wher we can get more peace in such places....All the best Note..if u r reading ramayan like books means read loudly so that ur baby will also listen n they will learn bhvr morals n etc Hope this ans helped U
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