32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am very much confused in the concept of umbilical cord blood preservation, ny suggestions??

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Question: My baby is detected with one loop of umbilical cord around the neck. I'm in end of my 7th month and very much worried. What do I do to avoid further complication of looping of umbilical cord?
Answer: Hi. dear we cannot control either the cord nor baby. .as loop is too lonv and baby gets entangled when baby moves in womb. So dont worry as there are chances that loop will come out onnits own also. Although there isnt any problem with 1 round of cord around babies neck.
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Question: What the benefits of storing umbilical cord
Answer: If in future any member of ur family got serious disease it would b very beneficial 4 dem to recover frm it
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Question: The umbilical cord of my 9days old baby has fallen, but there is little blood in the navel. What should I do.
Answer: Hello, Dear your doctor must have given some ointment to apply on baby's umbilical cord so just apply that nothing else. Or if it didn't dried up with that also then get it checked by doctor only..
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