26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am very disturbed due to differences with my husband. I am depressed and feel like crying all the time. I feel world has come to an end. I don't know wht to do. I don't want this mental condition to harm my baby. Wht to do, never felt so helpless in my entire life. I thought of consulting therapists but they are very expensive M already on medication with physiologist. Pls someone help. Husband is ignorant about all this. We are already not talking to each other from last 4 days.

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Answer: Hello dear, I can understand your stress. But the truth is all this discomforts are causing due to some hormones. Dont worry sweetheart. Just take this phase as a part of your pregnancy. And alawys remember one thing. God has blessed you with the best gift of the world, and that is your baby. You are the luckiest one who are going to be the best mother. So, keep patience and forgive everybody. And another good thing is that your husband loves you the most. But dear, sometimes misunderstanding happens. Dont think about this too much. Take some time and lets plan about the greatest time ahead together. Be happy and stay healthy! 💓
Answer: don't worry dear ladies r greater than great they can handle all types of problems n u r also a great lady.this is a time and part of the life but one precious life is in u.forget everything n just think about that sweet little one who is growing inside u saying mummy forgive daddy n just love me n take care of me.I'm a Christian lady n I believe in prayer can change anything my prayer is for u to God.please God give peace in this sister's house n increase love between partner in Jesus name amen.u do only something eat well, sleep well try talk to your hobby with love,be possitiv mind.every thing will be alright. smile please
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Question: In this tym I felt very lonely and very depressed wht can I do to feel Happy and out of this?
Answer: Hi Divert your mind from any unnecessary thought and problem. Nothing is more important than you and baby so just concentrate on these two things. Give yourself some time don't worry about household work it will be done but do something for you. Listen to music or watch movies when baby is sleep. Talk to someone about your feelings that is very important to talk. Don't let these things inside you it will hurt more. Keep the lines of communication open. . Don't assume your partner knows how you feel or what you need.It's essential to make time for just the two of you when you can reconnect. But don't put pressure on yourself to be romantic or adventurous (unless you're both up for it). You need to go out on a date to enjoy each other's company. Even spending 15 or 20 minutes together—undistracted and focused on each other— can make a big difference in your feelings of closeness.
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Question: I have recently lost my mother, i m unable to cope up with the loss as i have a great bond with her. No one in this world is more than her, i am going through 7month and all the time feel like to die n keep on crying. I don't know how to deal with the situation, my mother wanted to see the child and left me alone in this world. Please guide me how to deal with this situation?
Answer: Hello dear... I'm sorry fr d loss.. even I went through d same phase as u... I know it's very tough.. even I lost my mom wen I was 8 months pregnant .. Now my baby is 3 months old.. this is d toughest time u have to go through.. Be strong think about Ur child inside u.. Am sure Ur baby ll change Ur world but no one can replace Ur mother dats fr sure... Take Ur husband support.. he should be Ur support pillar... Ask him to be Ur side always.. don't stay alone.. always try to think of Ur baby talk to Ur baby.. More than anyone u should console urself... Be strong.. U should be strong u should give courage to Ur family members never think dat u lost everything u still have reason to live in this world.. soon u gonna have Ur mom back.. I'm sure u ll be blessed with baby gal like me... All the best.. Be strong stay strong..
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Question: Im 8 weeks pregnant n i already feel movements in my tummy is this normal also i feel very depressed all the time what should i do
Answer: If it's ur second pregnancy then u may feel movements as ur uterus n abdomen r already stretched so it's normal. Depression is very common in pregnancy just try to keep ur self engaged in things u like in hobbies, reading out things to it baby spending time with baby socialising with friends n also try practicing yoga it will help calm u n keep the negative forces away.
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