34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am twins pregnant and I will step into 9th month on Nov 26th. But doctor has not told to do any growth scan. How she will check the baby weight. Without checking how they do delivery. Is growth scan mandatory in 9th month. I did my last growth scan at the end of 7th month

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Question: hi, what does doctor check in growth scan at end of 7th month?
Answer: Hello The doctor checks everything in your 7 th month scan. Heart beat ameotic fluid level the vital organs the face hand legs of the baby. The position of the umbilical cord. The position of placenta and maturity. Baby s position and weight. Baby s wellbeing and circulation. Access how the previous c section scar appears
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Question: Hi all .. My gyn told that by next week v can do scan , what will they check in that scan ? Will they say the due date exactly ?
Answer: Hello! They will check the position of the baby, the condition of the placenta, position of the cervix. Also will check the blood flow to the baby and the heart beat of the baby. Though exact due date is not possible to tell but yes a tentative period or date will be given Take care
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Question: From 7th month till 9th month how many times dr will suggest to do growth sonography
Answer: hi dear between 7 to 9th month you might new just one scan to check the baby's growth .
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