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Question: I am trying to conceive and have missed my periods since last 6 never knows whether she is pregnant or not... while trying to conceive in early if i am pregnant and i am traveling in local, running, getting pushed in the stomach in is it safe?

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Answer: Dear firstly if you missed your period then have a pregnancy test and for test use first midstream urine of the day because it will show accurate results. Also if you think you are pregnant then avoid traveling in such conditions to avoid any complication.
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Question: im 8 weeks pregnant. i am working women in Mumbai so travel in local train & Bus is it okh if i continue my same traveling ??
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,you can travel for that many hours ,provided you have no pregnancy related complications.also,if someone can accompany you would be better.maintain hygiene and always carry sanitizer.donot eat out.carry home cooked food and snacks.redrict your use of public toilets,try using stand and pee product to avoid urinary tract infection.keep yourself well hydrated.carry your meds if any.and also carry your prescription and scans with you in case of emergency.
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Question: Periods missed . No idea if I am pregnant or not. But addicted to smoking . Trying to quit but failed . Pls someone advice. Do smoking harms in early pregnancy?
Answer: Yes smoking is harmful if you are pregnant for the health of your baby and the brain growth you will have to quit smoking. if you have missed your periods for 1 week you can take a pregnancy test kit
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Question: I missed my periods how to know whether am pregnant
Answer: You can confirm your pregnancy with pregnancy kit. It is easily available in medical shops
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