7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am tensed about hearing baby's in tube

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Answer: Hi friend I can understand your situation in this case. The pregnancy cannot progress if it is in the tube if the doctor will have to shift or remove it. Take care
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    Teena Elizabeth375 days ago

    It was in my friend case not mine am tensed about it that's all

Answer: In my friends case not mine
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Question: I am in 16 weeks Can I watch movie on theatre? As not sure it will affect baby's hearing senses?
Answer: Hello dear. If you are comfortable with loud sounds then you can enjoy theatre and movies during pregnancy. Increased noise levels can cause stress. This can cause changes in a pregnant woman's body that can affect her developing baby. Sound can travel through your body and reach your baby. Although this sound will be muffled in the womb. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Next Monday is my c section. I am very tensed. I am worrying about my baby's maturity.
Answer: I do not worry dear just relax you can do breathing exercises which will help you to come down even I had undergone the c-section delivery believe me it goes smoothly there is nothing to worry
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Question: am 17 week pregnant.. how can we know tat baby hearing our voice? cos my baby kick when environment in little silent.. am little worried about my baby's hearing capacity...
Answer: Try it dear.. if you will play perticuler kind of music daily.. your baby will definitely respond to it.. like I play shiv panchakshar strotra daily..
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