26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am tara 22 weeks pregnant thick maternal wall is it any problems

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Question: I am 21 week pregnant. In my scanning report thick maternal abdominal wall causing poor window noted and low lying placenta . What is the meaning. Any problem to my baby?
Answer: Low lying placenta needs complete bed rest without any body exertion. The placenta will become correct position. Don't worry
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Question: I am 22 week pregnant my baby is on breech position I have any problems
Answer: Hi dear, First of all happy pregnancy,don't worry about the position of baby now because day by day the baby is changing his/her position so no worries.stay healthy.Changing of position will take notime so it will happen hours before delivery too
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Question: I'm 28weeks pregnant in my report limited scanning window due to thick maternal anterior abdominal wall came wat it means plz rply
Answer: Hi dear the abdominal wall is thick maybe it is due to the fat content hence the scanning window could not perform the way it should have if your doctor has asked you to go for another ultrasound you can go .. Hope this helps!
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