33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am taking harida daily to control the cough. Is it safe during pregnancy?

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Question: Taking medicine for vomiting daily is safe during pregnancy...??
Answer: Hi dear, most of the women faces vomiting problem during their first trimester of pregnancy and they used to take medicine for vomiting which is pregnancy safe. If your doctor given you this medicine then yes you can take and it has no such bad effects on your baby but if you can avoid it that will be more better. Hope it helps.
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Question: I'm having cough,Is it safe taking cough syrup during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi, you can take cough syrup but only after doctor prescribes it. Do not take any syrup without consulting the doctor. However, you can try home remedies, these are much more safer and effective too. Have ginger and honey thrice a day. Also take warm turmeric milk and gargle if there is throat pain.
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Question: I had taken harida to control the cough. afterwards when I google it , it has mentioned as that it is harmful for pregnant lady, anybody is having any idea of harida
Answer: hello.. dear harida is not safe during pregnancy..its best to avoid that..please consult yor doctor once..for cough you can try home remedies dear..
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