11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am suffering tailbone pain. How to relieve ?

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Answer: Dear to get a relief from tailbone pain always keep a pillow under you while sitting. Preferably the round cushion and also do some hot compress also you can do warm oil massage on the area that will give you relief..
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Question: How to get rid of tailbone pain after cesarean. ?
Answer: Hi! Pregnancy usually causes stretching and loosening of abdominal muscles which put pressure on the back and hence cause back pain. Strengthening your core can reduce back pain. This is what my doctor told and i am finding a lot of difference after doing some workout for my core pls note i am 2.4 yrs post partum. Please check with your gynecologist n if she gives a go for workout you could try. Physiotherapy helps a lot, check with your Doc immediately, it’s hard to live with it. I suffered a lot and got relief because of physio only Use a proper back support pillow , keep you legs a little raised. Try different positions for breastfeeding. Keep hot water bag on the lower back for relief . Drink lots of water , bursts of exposure to sunlight. Take your vitamins and calcium supplements. Use a donut pillow incase there is pull down pain at the tail bone. Hope this helps!
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Question: How to relieve nipple pain
Answer: Hi dear.. nipple pain is common when you are breastfeeding.. take the baby as near as possible use a pillow and find a correct latching position..If you don't have enough milk production also the nipple start paining. so check for it and take good diet which increase your milk production..
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Question: Hello.. I am suffering from back pain.. can i use heating pad to relieve it?
Answer: Yes you can.. but put it only on your back.. not to your tummy side.. try to take bath in hot water daily at night.. you will feel better
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