15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am suffering from lower abdomen pain in left side of my stomach it is very hard I can't move when I have it tell me is it normal

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Question: i have side pain in left side in lower abdomen ... is it symptoms of labour pain?
Answer: Hi,Dear,here are the few pre labour signs try to observe any changes during this time. Persistent lower back pain or abdominal pain, with a pre-menstrual feeling and cramps. Painful contractions or tightening that may be irregular in strength and frequency, and may stop and start. Broken waters. Your membranes may rupture with a gush or a trickle of amniotic fluid. Although this can happen long before labour starts, you should still call your maternity unit to let them know. A brownish or blood-tinged mucus discharge (bloody show). If you pass the mucus plug that blocks the cervix, labour could start soon, or in a few days. It's a sign that things are moving along. An upset tummy or loose bowels. A period of feeling emotional, excited .hope I helped
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Question: i hv mild pin point pain in my left side of lower abdomen...tell me pls is it normal ?
Answer: Hi dr, no need to worry. Its common . Because uterus explands and i think baby in left side so you feel pain on left side.
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Question: I am having lower stomach pain at left side lower part of stomach . Is it normal ???
Answer: Hi.. Dear lower abdominal pain is caused by the stretching of the ligament that supports the uterus, as the uterus grows. This is normal, therefore, do not worry, try using Maternity pillow. However, gas and bloating can also be the reason. Sit down, put your feet up and relax.. Keep yourself hydrated (drink lot of fluids). Whenever, you will next visit your gynaecologist, inform her about the same.
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