21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am suffering from cold, Nose drops can be used or not

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Answer: Hi dear, you can take warm water steam, then you can take ginger tea with honey, take foods rich in vitamin C such as orange, lemon etc. And take rest.You will be alright. Take care of yourself.
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Question: even though baby not suffering from cold can nasal drops be used ?? & with wat frequency we can use ??
Answer: if not having cold avoid using nasal spray. better use steam if baby is having stuffy nose. frequency not more than 3 times a day that too only when baby is having cold or nose blocked. but still I want to know why you want to use it ??
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Question: My baby is suffering from cold.. Any tips how to clear his nose and throat.. Used nasal drops,but not much help. Please suggest what to do
Answer: Hi dear, As climate is in transition phase these days so its common to get cold. Try to keep your baby covered specially in morning and evening. Make sure your baby is not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned.. for home remedies for cold heat mustard oil till smoking point then add 1 tsp of salt apply this luke warm along with salt on chest back palms and foot of your baby and make him sleep and cover him. For running nose use saline water drops and use humidifier near by when he was sleeping it will loosen the cough. Make your baby sleep on pillow bit upright it will help him to sleep without interruption. Get well soon baby. Eucalyptus oil apply on baby clothes near collar or on dry sheets Mix the ginger juice with honey make a thin solution of just a quarter tsp of it give it to your toddler above 1 year. You can make tulsi, ginger , cloves tea and give few tsp twice a day to your toddler.
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Question: How often can i give nose drops to my boy who is suffering from cold,he is 4th month old
Answer: Nasoclear comez into squeezy bottle easy to use...
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