7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am pregnent...bt i have no symptoms like nausia..vomiting..etc..any problem in it...?

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Answer: Hello ma'am No worries some ladies dont get symptoms , some ladies get a bit late and some have vomiting for certain food item So dont wory Do regular doctor checkups and take vitamin medines prescribed by your gynac doctor Take care
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    Jayeeta Ghosh601 days ago

    Mine symptoms started on my 7th week. So dont worry, have a regular healthy life style, have a balanced diet . Consult ur doc as per the schedule and take medication on time. Happy motherhood

Answer: Hi not everyone will get vomiting . So many will not have vomiting sensation. It is good u escaped vomiting . Nothing pblm in you .
Answer: Some people dont get any symptoms , its depends ...
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Answer: Hi dear, Not to worry,not many get typical pregnancy symptoms.and the symptoms does not gaurentee healthy baby. Every pregnancy is different.so relax,it's ok not get any symptoms.but usually the nausea etc starts after 8 weeks.so you never know,you might get them late.white discharge is normal in pregnancy.your first transvaginal scan would be done at 6 th week,to find out the implantation spot,also gestational sac.8 weeks scan is the first ultrasound scan to check heartb at of baby.wish you all the best!
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Question: Am 6 week pregnant bt i dont have any symptoms like vomiting etc is there any problem
Answer: No need to worry some don't have like vomiting stress
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Question: Hi. I am not having any symptoms like vomiting etc
Answer: K its normal...don't worry...its good you know....
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