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Question: I am planning from 2 yrs and I am unable to conceive. Please please help me what to do

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Answer: Dear friend.. Please do not get disheartened... I would suggest you to once visit the doctor... It is not always necessary that there might be complications....but actually get help with proper guidance.. Also try to change your lifestyle.. Take balanced healthy diet, regular exercise and proper rest.. Works great.. Take care
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Question: I am suffering from thyroid so unable to conceive and I am married since 2 yrs
Answer: It is very important to treat your thyroid problem first if you want to get pregnant. My sister in law was suffering from the same and sheet to complete one year treatment for thyroid and after completing her fitment within 3 months she got pregnant. Even during her thyroid treatment aldo she got pregnant but within 5 weeks she met miscarriage because of thyroid problem. You should concert of Anika largest and start taking thyroid treatment and doctor also give you some medicine to maintain your fertility which will help you to get pregnant.
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Question: I am planning from 3 yrs for pregnancy not conceive
Answer: Hello, if from 3 yrs you are planning but not able to conceive then you should consult doctor and get you and your partner check up done so that the cause can be known and treatment could get started. All the best!
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Question: Mam i am planning to conceive bt unable to do so. My periods are irregular as in 2-3 months gapping period. Plz help what to do?
Answer: Please visit the doctor, they will checked you properly and prescribed you some test and Medicine. Don't worry, take care !
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