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Question: I am planning for pregnancy bt having to much stress about pregnancy ..kindly help to get out of this stress...

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Answer: Hello dear Be relax firstly See now a days our lifestyle becomes so hetic that we often feels the stressful life.. Pregnancy process is depends mostly in our lifestyle,body and mind fitness... You guys can go out for will help you to relax your mind.. During this period don't consume high caffeine intake.. Tell your partner not to take alchohal and tobacco... Make relationship between 7 no period day to 20 th regularly.. Do it in relax mood You will soon get a positive results...
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Question: How can I get out of stress and feel happy
Answer: Just think about ur baby.. If u feel sad ur baby will also feel sad ..ur negative emotions can cause emotional distress to ur baby not inside in ur belly but also when ur baby comes out to this world. It will affect ur baby's behaviour and way of thinking for whole life.Try to find ur happiness in ur growing baby ur stress will be go very soon.
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Question: I have too much mental stress regarding family , in-laws to go out of this???in this pregnancy
Answer: No dear. Don't be stress.. It will harmful for ur unborn. Do ur hobby read books, listen good music.. It will help u a lot
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Question: I am having too much gas..due to which I get burning sensation in throat for entire day.. kindly suggest
Answer: Gastritis or heart burn is very common during pregnancy, due to can get worse later in pregnancy when the growing uterus presses up on the stomach.drink plenty of fluids like juices, coconut water, butter milk but not during meals. avioid spicy and oily foods.skip foods and drinks that can make worse like citrus fruits, coffee.raise your head when you can take syrup gelusil twice daily.even if it severe you can take pantop tablet which is safe during pregnancy.take care
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