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Question: I am one day late for my period. I didnt hv any pregnancy symptoms except of fever, headache twice n breathlessness at night n feeling g bloated at times. I s theres a possibility that I could be pregnant?

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Answer: Confirm by using pregnancy test
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Question: M 24 weeks pregnant I was daily feeling baby's moment at least 4 times a day.. and more at night . But today from morning I felt only twice movement reduced... does this happen to all... or there is any problem
Answer: Don't worry ,every baby is different but if you don't feel ur baby movement in whole day than consult your doctor
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Question: am having a killing back pain n little bit lower abdominal pain...n bit vomiting sensation n headache...s dis all pregnancy symptoms...? ma period will come in dis month 20 means I have 30 day mc
Answer: yes all these symptoms are of pregnancy.wait few days after missed your period and check your pregnancy at home.
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Question: How could I introduce bottle feed to my baby. She is not taking bottle feed n sleep only halfan hour at a time or 2 times in whole day. Whole night she want breast feed in every half hour. How could I manage this. I felt very tired whole day becoz of less sleep at night. Kindly give suggestions.
Answer: Add jaggery and pinch of ajwain to milk let the baby test the taste first
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