39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am now at 39 week . I got a back pain and I was admitted in hospital. Bt it was not delivery pain. A scan was taken and found that baby got weight upto 3.5kg . Does it affect my normal delivery?..doctor suggest me to reduce the consumption of rice and sweet items... to overcome this situation what precautions I should take?... and what food items I have to consume???? Replay mee fast...my due date is bove 19

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Question: Hi i got my periods and doctor said My husbands motility was not stronger and faster to get me pregnant and sperm was slow to reach my egg what i need to do to overcome from this
Answer: Hi dear surely u can get pregnant but before hand ur husband have to meet doctor and get the necessary treatment. Infact IUI is also advisable to get pregnant .With few session of it u can get pregnant. It is said that if mobility rate is low the vitamin c intake and good lifestyle with proper diet and exercise can improve the chances. So first consult doctor and get ur husband lifestyle healthy
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Question: I got my 8th month routine scan and got to know that i have polyhydroamnios. What precautions i should take to avoid early delivery of my baby??
Answer: Hi, Polyhydraminos basically means the amniotic liquid level is high.It can be mild or severe.Incase of mild not much treatment is required.you will be advised bed rest for a few days and hoopefully excess liquid gets reduced as pregnancy advances.Try and keep sugar levels at optimum. Incase it is severe you will need to undergo investigations to rule out any congenital or genetic abnormality. Treatment with cox 2 inhibitor medication will be prescribed.A procedure called as amnioreduction may be advised too. If the condition gets stabilized then normal delivery is possible too. Please consult your doctor to know your exact situation so as to be well prepared for the treatment and outcome.
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Question: I had a c-section in my first delivery after which i got umbilical hernia now i am expecting my second baby so is it possible to have a normal delivery and what precautions should i take during my pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. I also had a cesarian 4 yrs back and now planning for second. My doctor told me to keep a gap of 3 yrs in both the pregnancy if zi wish to have a normal delivery. But she also told me that normal or cesarian depends on the condition of me during my pregnancy and at the time of delievery as cesarians are not planned they happen due to complications. Hope I helped.
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