31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am not gaining any weight suddenly in my 3rd trimester. Over the last 15days my weight is the same. I am actually underweight too according to my bmi before pregnancy. Please help. Any solution?

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Question: My weight is still the same as before pregnancy . Im not gaining weight . Is it a matter of concern ?
Answer: hi ideally the women should gain 1.52 to kilos of weight every month if you are not gaining weight you should consult to the doctors and you should increase your day you should have a high protein rich diet has proteins will help to put on the way we should add protein powder in consultation with your doctor in milk twice a day have protein rich food right pulses Soya eggs chicken you should have serials at least 3 to 4 servings of fruits vegetables, have ghee as it is very important for the weight gain you can have nuts this will also help
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Question: I m 11 weeks pregnant but i m not gaining weight .its same as before pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear...A well balanced Pregnancy diet is an key to healthy weight gain during pregnancy,so follow these steps to yield a healthy baby with proper weight gain Eat atleast six meals Eat frequently,is the secret trick to gain weight during pregnancy,you can have small meals throughout the day,will give you healthy weight gain Have soaked dryfruits Start your day having a handful of soaked dry fruits,it is very essential for your babies development and it helps to gain weight fast Don't skip meals During pregnancy,you should not skip meals,this will lead to nutritional deficiencies.. Almond milk Have almond milk,daily evening,it is very good for you to gain weight during pregnancy Banana Have banana after dinner everyday,it not only helps in weight gain but also gives good colon health Warm milk before bed Have warm milk before bed ,it will promote you good sleep,and gains weight too..
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Question: Hi all... Before pregnancy my weight was 54. Now I'm 24weeks pregnant, now my weight is 60. I'm I over weight? Before pregnancy my BMI was normal. I'm worried wether Im gaining over weight.. and I have blood pressure also 130/90. Please any suggestions.
Answer: It quite normal in pregnancy I have gained weight rapidly after baby born by breast feeding excess weight will reduce automatically
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