35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am not feeling hungry for last two days. Slow digestion. Since morning I had only 2 chapati and one cup of tea and not feeling hungry at all even after 7 hours. Why?

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Answer: This is usual in the advanced stage of pregnancy. Try to have more of water and take butter milk after meals. Also if possible avoid tea as it kills the appetite. Hope this helps you.
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Question: Hello I'm 10 weeks pregnant and till day before yesterday I felt hungry every 2-3 hours, but since last two days, I'm not feeling hungry at all. Is this symptom normal? Is my baby okay?
Answer: Hi... It's normal it's due to the hormonal imbalance.. Some days we will feel very hungry and somedays we won't even like the food it's normal only...
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Question: I am feeling hungry after one or two hours
Answer: Hi.. It is ok, if you feel hungry in an hours time again and again. You need to keep a calorie check, do not have a lot of food in one meal. Eat small and healthy meals. Stay hydrated (drink lot of water or juices), avoid temptations, stay stocked (have dried fruits and nuts). Do not eat junk and fried stuff.
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Question: Every day i am feeling hungry after evry 2-3 hours, but today i m not feeling hungry at all, y it is there?
Answer: Everyday is not tge same.. so relax eat when your hungry.. eat when your not hungry.. drink water as much.. nothing to worry.. 😊 You'll be a great mother..
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