34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 34th week.Today we took scan and doctor told the baby hasn't reached head down position and it will be Difficult to turn.Do she has suggested steroid injection.Could you please suggest on this.I am so scared about this.

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Question: Today after internal examination doc found out that the baby head has come down and so has suggested bed rest for 2weeks. Are there any complications because of this? I have just started my 34th week
Answer: Hi dear since your baby's head has come down baby will soon try to fall in the birth canal and will try to come out by engage in its head and pelvis that is the reason your doctor has asked you to take bed rest because you are only 34 weeks pregnant now and usually after 37 weeks it is considered a baby as mature.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi I am 32 weeks and baby position is head down. Will it be same till delivery or changes?
Answer: Hi. Yes if baby turns head between 32 to 36 weeks there is very least chance that baby would change the position. As the heavy part of body tgat is head is down now and its very hard to lift it up for the baby now. So dont worry. And enjoy the last phase of pregnancy now. Good luck.
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Question: I am 36* weeks pregnant .its my first pregnancy and my baby head is not fixed yet. Dr told me to do walk and baby must be in head down position till next week otherwise normal dilivery will be difficult but i want normal delivery so plz advice me what to do to make babys head down.
Answer: Hi main thing is PRAYER do as much as u can because my i had same experience and at last mintue with gods grace got heqd down and normql delivery. First thing dont get panic and try to walk as much as u can morning a d eveing 2 hours.
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