6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having severe indigestion and gag reflex... Hence nauseating feeling throughout the day. Wat can I do?

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Answer: Hi dear for nausea problem then you can try these tips take meals with a smaller portions , don't stay empty stomach in the morning Ginger lemon water and honey are good for you you can take a lemonade or chew on some fennel take a glass of water early morning on empty stomach hope this helps take care
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    Harshitha Nanda Kumar375 days ago

    About my indigestion and gag reflex??

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Question: I am having severe leg cramps throughout the day. What exercise can I do to avoid it?
Answer: The weight of your growing uterus can push on the sciatic nerve and cause pain to run down the back of your leg. It could also just be leg cramps or uterine fibroids, so please inform this to your gynecologist. You can relieve it to some extent by following the below steps. Stretch your calf muscles immediately by straightening your leg, heel first, and gently flexing your toes back toward your shins. (Don't point your toes while stretching. After you stretch, massage the muscle or warm it with a hot water bottle to relax the tissue.
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Question: Please give me solution for indigestion and coated tongue..feeling heaviness throughout day
Answer: Hi dear, Yes, bloating is one of the side effect of pregnancy hormones.it slows down the digestion there by increasing the water retention in body.you can help yourself by consuming more water,being active and consuming less salt in diet.spicy and deep fried food could increase the bloating,so refrain from having such food.eat great , clean,moderate spicy food.and keep sipping fluids through out the day.if you have complain of constipation,then bloating episodes would be more.so keep your gut clean by having more fibre in meals.include walking daily,which help in circulating fluids in body and thereby release bloating.as the hormones slows down the digestion process.there are following things that you can do to ease acidity and indigestion: 1- eat smaller meals 2- donot drink water in between the food 3- drink one glass of water 30 minutes prior to food,this aids in digestion 4- donot eat too spicy food 5-keep brisk walking and mild exercises 6-avoid caffine and soda 7-drink buttermilk with roasted jeera powder and grated ginger Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: Hi.. I am having lot of acidity, bloating and constant puking feeling throughout the day.. Can someone please help me what xan I do to reduce it..
Answer: Dry roast cumin and make in to powder. Soak this powder over night in water. Morning on empty stomach if you drink this water you can get relief from acidity. I usually do this if having acidity problem
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