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Question: I am having regular periods but now i am having 2 period a month and there is a cyst also

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Answer: Consult ur doctor immediately bcoz it may be due to irregular harmones or it may be due to thyroid
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Question: My 2nd miscarriage was 6 month nd there was also cyst was obesered 4 month ago,we also taken a treatment for it now my periods are regular so is that safe to convince now
Answer: Yes dear after 3 months and once you start getting ur periods back you can start trying to conceive again. However I would suggest you to consult gynae once and ensure that the cyst problem is resolved. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi i have irregular periods but from past 2 months i am having regular period... So when should I take a pregnancy test
Answer: Hi, if you have regular periods since last 2 months then after missing your periods after 8 days we should do your first urine test to confirm on your pregnancy .
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Question: I have all time regular periods but now I missed period but little bit bleeding is happing I am pregnant
Answer: Hello dear. If the bleeding is like periods it is not pregnancy. As for pregnancy you need to miss your periods to do a home pregnancy test after 7 days of missing them. If it is just spotting then it could be implantation bleeding. For that you have to waot for another week and do the test. Hope it helps.
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Question: My last period is 1st March 2018. I have regular period every month.but still now there is no period but home pregnancy still negative.I ultrasound but Dr see one cyst is in ovary. I am so worried. please help me
Answer: Dear you might be having poly cystic ovarian disorder. Even I have pcod and that too in two if my ovaries. Still I conceived so do not worry. Stress will worsen your health. Visit your doctor and take medication properly. Take care 😘
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