37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling like something hard is near my vagina.... can it be due to head position down of the baby

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Answer: Yes this feeling is normal. When I was pregnant I always felt that way after 38th week and had to walk in a funny way. But my doctor checked and assured that it is just the lightening phase wherein the baby's head fixes and doesn't float anymore. This was a non painful phase. In case if you experience any pain then immediately check with your gynecologist. Hope this was helpful.
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Question: Hi... I am 15 weeks pregnent ... Iam not feeling anything like baby movement of something like that Nothing earlier i was feeling something but now nothing i am very tensed is my baby safe ???
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear its early to feel baby movements. Pregnant women can feel babys movement at 17 to 18 weeks .some womens feel late as 18 to 25 weeks.so after 16 werks u can feel baby movements any time .take care happy pregnancy
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Question: I feel something in vagina like something is growing...what is it is it normal in pregnancy
Answer: No if it is worrying you then go for checkup once.. doctor will examine it.
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Question: Why am i feeling pain near upside of vagina at the time of 6th month of pregnancy?
Answer: It might be urine infection, consultant your doctor and use V wash plus
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