37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling like something hard is near my vagina.... can it be due to head position down of the baby

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Answer: Yes this feeling is normal. When I was pregnant I always felt that way after 38th week and had to walk in a funny way. But my doctor checked and assured that it is just the lightening phase wherein the baby's head fixes and doesn't float anymore. This was a non painful phase. In case if you experience any pain then immediately check with your gynecologist. Hope this was helpful.
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Question: Im feeling something hard in upper stomach ( near to my ribs).. how do I know the position
Answer: Hi,Dear Postion can be checked in scan only, It is mainly due to the growing uterus which stretches the muscles and the ligaments.Take care
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Question: In scan report my baby is in head down position. Now i am feeling a sharp pain in my vagina plz tell my the reason for the pain
Answer: Hi. It might be bcoz baby's head is getting fixed in the pelvic region preparing for birth.
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Question: I am 37 week... I can feel something hard or rigid near d ribs... And it changes d position.... Is it head of d baby or wat. Is baby in breech position or wat
Answer: For that visit doctor for check up she will understand it checking your tummy manually
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