2 months old baby

Question: I am expressing milk and feeding baby..is it ok? Will it reduce milk secretion?

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Answer: Don't worry dear...You have to use a high-quality electric breast pump or a hospital-grade breast pump. These types of pumps will act as same as ur baby is sucking ur breast and removing the maximum amount of milk from your breasts as possible. The more breast milk you remove from your breasts, the more you will make.
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Question: My milk secretion has got down,i am fully feeding my baby with formula,is it possible to improve milk secretion after 5 months..
Answer: Hi dear after 5 months of delivery it's difficult to increase in milk production. But you can try to follow some tips may it help. Eat beetroot, carrot unripe papaya and garlic in your regular diet. Drinking Methi water in alternate days and chew some saunf on a regular basis can help you too. Ask your doctor for medicine to increase milk flow. Hope that may help you.
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Question: Is it ok to have milk secretion at 10 weeks
Answer: Hello! Yes, many have milk secretions so early and there is nothing to worry about it. Your breasts make before producing breastmilk. Your breasts have been making this high-protein food, ready for your baby's birth. Take care
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Question: How to reduce milk secretion after stopped the milk feeding
Answer: Hi! If u hv stopped feeding, the supply wil go down automatically within a few weeks time dont worry.. Hope this helps!
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