20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am diagnosed with grade 2 placenta previa. I have been into fitness since last 10 years and had very good prenatal yoga routine with one hour walk and 5 floors climbing. Doctors have advised me to go on low intensity. Shall i stop doing everything? And just go on bedrest? I am really confused about my physical activity/exercise routine plans. Please guide

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Answer: Hello there congratulation on your pregnancy. Yes it is best advice to go for a bedrest if you have placenta previa. It's best to avoid any activities which involve weight lifting, stressing.. You can go for a simple yoga just to provide you ease for your bodyache. Don't worry about anything else... Just rest and make sure your baby is doing well. As it has been said. ..prevention is better than cure. Hope this helps
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Question: Can too much physical activity harm the baby in any way? I am in my 20th week. I walk 3 kms a day and i do a prenatal yoga toutine for 30 mins in the evening
Answer: If you mean you can't drink more water even you know you have to...then you are like me.But as the doctor suggested drinking more water keeps good amount of amniotic fluid around the baby,I have installed an app to keep reminding me every hour to drink water and i have kept a 1 liter bottle aside for me so that i can measure how much water i am drinking. This routine has helped me to increase my water intake.hope this would help you too
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Question: My USG and TVS showed a baby with no cardiac activity at week 13. The report says that cardiac activity of baby had stopped in week 7 itself. Now doctors have diagnosed a missed miscarriage. Will the pills work or do we need a clinical procedure . One doc advised us pills and other recommended clinical procedure. What is your opinion in this?
Answer: Hello dear you can try with pill you will have chronic bleeding with clots after that you can meet you gynacolgist and go for a scan in it doctor will check if your uterus has been cleared if yes then you don't have to go with the DNC procedure if there is any kind of clot remaining then definitely you have to go with the procedure so kindly consult another doctor and start with the pill first Take care
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Question: I am confused with weeks and months counting. How it is been calculate? On 3rd May in Sonography I was said I am 12 weeks 2 days pregnant. Currently which week and month I am into?
Answer: Hi Do calculate weeks or months from your lmp calculation and do not take scan dates as it keeps differing...do follow lmp calculation only...if tou had said your lmp i might had help you with your exact week and months of pregnancy
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