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Question: I am craving for vada pav.. Can i eat home made vada pav? Is it safe

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Answer: hi yes you can eat it once a while but avoid it eating frequently because it is fried in fried food can sometimes lead to acidity but however eating once while is safe
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Question: Can I eat home made vadapav? having craving for vada pav
Answer: Out of craving having Vada Pav sometime is not a problem at all don't worry but always remember that Power Made of all purpose flour which is very hard to digest so much that you are not having too much of it
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Question: Can I have mushroom Manchurian, pav baji, vada pav? Is it safe
Answer: Yes, dear you can have it as it will not be a problem.. But, sometimes, excess consumption of these things are not good.. Prefer having little less spicy food.. Homemade dishes are the best to be consumed during pregnancy....That doesn't mean that if you crave for restaurant food, then you have to bite your nails.. You can have outside food as well.. But do not make it a habit and try to eat in moderation..
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Question: Can we eat home made pav bhaji??
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you have in moderation. Take care.
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Question: can I eat chat bhel puri, pani puri, samosa vada pav pav bhaji sevpuri...i m craving for such types of food
Answer: Hello! Please avoid having outside food as hygiene is the main factor. If you can have it prepared at home, there is no problem. But outside food should be completely avoided. Take care
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