7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am carrying my second baby can i take my 1.8 year old baby(12 kg)

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Answer: Hi dear, I would not recommend you to carry a kid weighing 12 kg.pregnant women could carry safely upto 5-6 kgs.avoid carrying too much weight.
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Question: Mere baby ka Wrigh nahi gain ho raha he is 1.8 year old weight is only 10.5 kg
Answer: Hie Include the following in your babys diet Offer him homemade yogurt from full fat milk  twice a day Offer him full fat milk twice a day, you can add fruits or dryfruits powder ,raw banana powder or sago to it  Include oats in his daily diet sneak it in his milkshakes, fruit puree or yogurt or make a porridge according to your baby preference . Give him 1-2 eggs everyday egg includes a variety of nutrients and helps in weight gain too . Include banana , apple, pear , avocados in your babys daily diet . Add a spoon of ghee to your baby meal Include one of these Sweetpotato ,cheese,potato in his daily diet . Include green vegetables and coulred vegetables in his everyday diet . Introduce sathmavu mix in your babys diet . Add dryfruit powder to your babys milk and opt for jaggery rather than sugar . Ensure he has meal at the interval of 4 hours. Make sure your baby has 10-12 hours of night sleep and an afternoon nap of 2-3 hours rest is very much needed for the babys for proper growth and development. However remember weight is just number . Immunity and activeness matters the most 
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Question: my baby is 12 days Old I am suffering from headache can I take disprine?
Answer: Please avoid taking medicines dear. And consult a doctor if you have to take any medicines. These medicines can go to your baby through breast milk and may harm your baby
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Question: Dr. Can i take my first baby is 1&half year old after second c section please reply?
Answer: U can carry your first baby only after three months of the second c section.
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