Few weeks old baby

Question: I am burping after every feed over 3 or 5 minutes in all methods but air not passout some times.what i do

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Question: My baby pee after every feed that to 3 to 4 times in 5 minutes.. y?
Answer: Hi congrats on new born, What else work they drink milk pee, drink milk pee, u get frustrated changimg there diaper and also feel where dose so much for pee comes from this little tiny body...😀rite ...even mine used to pee drink pee drink...which is.quit normal ..don't u worry...chill...take care...enjoy motherhood 👍
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Question: After feed my baby s not at all burping,sometime it does,what shall i do
Answer: Hi dear, See its not a problem at all. Some babies don't burp like my nephew he never burped no matter how long you carry him on shoulder n I have seen many such babies too. Relax . But don't forget to burp after every feed. According to lactation consultant 20 min burp n 20 min feed is needed.
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant. I am going pee after every 5 minutes. What to do??
Answer: Hello! this is absolutely normal and nothing to worry
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