6 months old baby

Question: I am a working lady. My baby is168days old. He don't bottle feeding .How can we eat himself. And what kind of food he take that suitable for him.

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Answer: Dear you can start with fruits. Give mashed banana, chickoo or apple puree and Daal Ka paani. After sometime you can introduce vegetables like nicely cooked carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato. Give ragi porridge as it will help in gaining weight.
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Question: Am vegetarian what kind of food can i eat .now my baby is 2 months 10 days .am feeding him
Answer: You can Eat what you like and till your tummy is full enough. Include paneer and milk in your diet.
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Question: my baby is 2months old,i am a working mother,is it possible to get him bottle now?he dont wants to take bottle,how can i get him to take bottle??
Answer: Dear the best thing to do is continue with your regular feeding routine, including offering your baby a bottle at the normal times. She may resist, but don't become frustrated (she'll sense your tension) or give in by nursing her. Sometimes breastfed babies refuse to take a bottle from Mom because they know she has something better. If this seems to be the case, ask your husband or a grandparent to take over bottle feedings until the phase passes (you may have to leave the room, or even the house, for a while during these times). Have your husband or relative offer her the bottle by first letting a few drops of milk fall onto her lips and into her mouth so she recognizes the breast milk. Then stroke her lips with the nipple until she opens her mouth wide, as if to nurse. If she clamps her mouth shut, don't try to force the nipple in between her pursed lips -- this is a battle you are guaranteed to lose.after trying everything, your baby still staunchly refuses to take a bottle from anyone, then don't try to force her. Take the bottle away and offer it again every half-hour until she eats. Babies can be stubborn and she may hold out for an hour or more, but once she gets hungry, she'll take her bottle. If this is hard to do, remind yourself that a healthy baby will not starve herself
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Question: my son is 3 years old. bt he didn't eat well. he wants to eat cake biscuit kind of food .he don't like to eat roti ,rice and vegetables. I want to feed him healthy food. how to make him ?
Answer: First stop giving him biscuits and cakes. If possible don't bring them home only. Try variety of dishes and present them in a attractive way. For example if u are giving him paratha, cut the paratha with a cookie cutter into different shapes and forms and give him. Make the dishes look colourful. You will also eat with him to encourage him to eat. Initially he will not eat, but be strong and hold on. He will come back to you and definitely eat Remember that he cannot hold back his hunger for long and when there is nothing alternative other than what u give, he has to eat.
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