5 months old baby

Question: I am a mother of 5months 10 old baby girl m suffering from cough & cold since yesterday... S She still breast feed.. Can I have [cough syrup of government supply??? Does it harm my baby

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Question: Hii my daughter is of 15months old from yesterday onwards she is suffering from fever and cold so I uses drops of mucolite and febanil
Answer: Dear its due to seasonal so once consult to ur gynologist nd give paracetamol syrup nd cold syrup as ur dr suggest u .. bath wit warm water, wear clothes acvording to weather,give steam twice a day ,Put 1 1 drop nasoclear into nose twice a day .Warm a cup of mustard oil with two cloves of garlic and a few kalonji seeds assage this infused oil onto your baby’s feet, chest, back, and palms.give turmeric milk , .avoid giving banana nd curd too ,give soup its safe, try itcool-mist humidifier will create moisture in the air and clear out the congestion in your baby’s nasal passage. take care
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Question: Hi...Since yesterday I have been suffering from dry cough. Can anyone suggest some home remedy or any syrup which can be taken during this time ?
Answer: Dont take any medicine. Have milk with turmeric and pepper. Have honey with pepper (very little)at night. Have palm sugar at hot water.
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Question: My baby is 10 months old ,she is suffering from cough please help doctor
Answer: Heat mustard oil with garlic & ajwain then message this oil on ur babys feet chest and back.. It may lead to cure from cough
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