5 months old baby

Question: I am a breast feed mom... Shall i eat orange fruit???If i will take orange means whether it cause any diarrhea problem to baby???

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Answer: What is the age of your baby
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    diana dianasuresh605 days ago

    5 months 15 days old

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Question: Hello madam shall i go to theatre now...whether the sound will cause any problem to my baby
Answer: Hello dear, watching movies once in a while is fine.... It may not necessarily cause any harm to your child but if the movie involves a lot action scenes that are loud then its better to avoid it...as the baby can most certainly hear the loud noise.... If your baby is getting crazy and kicking in all the intense scenes maybe skip intense movies... enjoy light movies preferably comedy movies... to lighten up your mood...
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Question: My baby is 5 Months 15 days old...I am a breast feeding mom...if I eat orange fruit means weather it will cause diarrhea to baby???
Answer: Hello dear. Citrus fruits like orange and lemon should be avoided during breastfeeding as it causes the tingy flavoir in breastmilk which may cause baby to avoid taking breastmilk. Hope it helps.
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Question: Please tell me, if i take baby after 1.5 year of my marriage , whether it will cause any problem or not . I am not take any contraceptive pills...
Answer: If you are regular on your periods then pregnancy can happen. Consult gyno for the entire check up. Doctor can suggest you the time you can get pregnant.
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