9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 8 month pregnant ,today I found brown spot on my underwear and my ultrasound seen 6 week 2days development and no fetal pole seen only small yolk sac seen .no heart beat start till now .Is it normal, please suggest me

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Answer: Hi dear, I would suggest wait for another week and decide.as by 9 weeks most of the ladies must get their baby heart beat.if no heart beat is detected then you might have to abort.i hope that situation does not arrive .I wish you all the best!
Answer: 8 month or 8 week ??? C Ur gynaecologist. Wat she will say
Answer: Better you consult doctor
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Question: My ultrasound not seen fetal pole only small yolk sac is seen . Is it normal. My lmp date 1 January
Answer: Hi dear it's your last month period date is 1st of January and no fetal Pole is seen I am sure your doctor must have suggested you to take an ultrasound scan once again to check the fetal pole and I am sure this time it would be seen so please be positive and go for the ultrasound scan.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi doctor my gestational age is 5 to 6 weeks only gestaional sac and yolk sac seen in ultrasound no fetal pole seen.. Is dis normal?
Answer: U took too soon. Thus y u got like that. Wait for 2more week.
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Question: I m 7th week pregnant. No fetal pole no heart beat and no yolk sac in gestational sac today. Is it OK or not?
Answer: I think it's not .. please consult ua doctor with scanning report
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