32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 8 month pregnant can I use treadmill for walking everyone everyone is saying that treadmill gives me knee problem and joint pains with back ache is it true?? Can my mom in law and father in law aged 50 abv use treadmill??? Please help with answers

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Answer: hi dear , I will suggest you to walk 30 minutes everyday but not on trademill but on road and . Not only that trademill give you back pain and knee pain it is also increases Heartbeat unnecessarily. So, in avoid in pregnancy.
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Question: My baby 4 month's old I've got back pain especially left side of the back what can I do for this Pain can I use pain killer's my mother in law said it's normal problem she saying
Answer: Hi dear, Post delivery back aches are common concern.agar apka c section hua hai toh back aches hone ke chances zyada rehte hai.usse aaram ke liye ye kare: 1- donot lift any heavy objects 2- always kneel down to pick up anything from floor,donot bend with your knees straight,as it str as your back more 3- increase your calcium intake ,by taking lot of dairy or milk products 4- expose yourself to early morning sunlight for vitamin D for better calcium absorption 5- start walking.Daily 20 minutes walk can help your back strengthen 6- take calcium supplements as brestfeeding can make you calcium deficient easily 7- mild yoga postures can give you releif 8-warm oil massage will relax your back 9- drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself
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Question: My baby girl is 5months old, my father in law is making her to walk and she is also walking with support without crying.is right time to make her walk
Answer: Hello dear, Some babies are super active and start walking as early as 7 month. But 5 month is too much early. Her leg will be not as strong as walking. Better to try to understand. If not possible, talk to your husband about it, he will try.
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Question: We both r working my mother in law and father in law taking care about my baby but my father in law suffering from cancer he is playing with baby n my mother in law also playing with on his bed is there any problem to baby's health, any chances of infection to baby. I am very much fearing about baby health.
Answer: Of course not cancer can't transfer from human to human your baby is safe
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