7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 7th week pregnant I was having spotting from one week light pinkish but today I have little heavy with red color discharge.....is this leads to miscarriage.....as I want this baby.....so pls suggest me what to do.....doc told me to susten tablets every night before sleeping....I want to ask that everything will be fine.....

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Answer: Take rest as much as possible for 2days.. don't step out from your bed.. Continue your folic acid.. See the difference if it still persits u Need a doctor
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Question: I'm with 14th week pregnancy I observed light spotting with bright red..does it leads to abortion?
Answer: Hi dear, light spot or blood drop is normal in pregnancy but if you feel heavy pain or bleeding you should consult to your doctor,if you have any doubt don't hesitate to give her a call.
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Question: I am 7th week pregnant and having pink light discharge...I am really very scared...doc has suggested me susten tablets....pls help me what to do....Is there chance of miscarriage
Answer: Hi dear, i can understand your situation as same happened with me and doctor gave me medicine and suggested bed test in 1st trimester after that everything was normal so please follow the advise and everything will be okay.
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Question: Iam 7week pregnant and I got one clot of light pinkish colour bleeding today.. Is it leads to miscarriage can anyone help me on this
Answer: No some time it happens a lite drop, it's common becz of changes in abdomen it happens like that, be positive don't think much u will be normal in just next 1hr.if it's still counting for day consult Dr.
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