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Question: I am 6th month pregnant and i am having bad dry cough from 8 days. At night times it will be more severe. I am not getting cured even after taking tablets and syrup with doctors consultation. Is that cough or tablets effect on my baby?

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Answer: Hi! No dear fever or cough will not harm your baby directly but its troublesome for you, for fever you can consult Doctor and have paracetamol its safe, for cough you can; *Dry ginger helps little. A small pinch of dry ginger powder with some jaggery, boil well and drink like tea. *Green tulsi tea also helps. *You can keep a small cinnamon in mouth, its safe and works well in cough. *Biting clove is also useful. *Honey lemon and ginger tea also is good. Hope this helps!
Answer: hi for medications it is advisable to consult to the doctor away why you can try this home remedies you should do salt water gargling 2 to 3 times in a day you should take ginger and honey paste 1 teaspoon twice a day you should also choose any one which will help to get relief and cough while sleeping it is advisable to sleep on elevated Windows which will help you get you sound sleep
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Question: Hi..will severe cough will affect the baby inside... I am taking cough syrup also as per doctor prescription but i am getting frequent cough...
Answer: Cough or any such internal shock doesnt affect baby as the fluid present in uterus absorbs the shock.
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Question: Am 23rd week pregnant. Am suffering with heavy cold and cough with vomitings at night times... It will effect baby.. Am worried...Give some remedies ...
Answer: Consult ur dr immediately and take medicine prescribed.. Cough will affect the baby little but not much harmful.. But u make sure u didn't get fever as it's bad for baby
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Question: I'm 6weeks 5days pregnant having bad cold and cough. I was coughing real bad last night and still hve been. Will there be any kind of problem there. I've been taking cough syrup and bad time coughing..really worried
Answer: PLEASE STOP TAKING ANY MEDICINE RIGHT AWAY. In the first 12 weeks, no medicine is allowed, not even a balm. Good luck.
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