7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant i had intercourse from yesterday morning i am having spotting in urine from evening i was doing rest so no spoting till today morning then did regular house worked n know again i am geting littel spoting without pain does it mean i got miscarriage

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Answer: No it is called spotting don't worry it is normal but don't do intercourse in this time after 3rd month it is safe
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Question: Yesterday evening to I am suffering from cold and today morning I feel feverish.. is it any problem or affect my pregnancy in miscarriage?
Answer: Hello dear, aapko cold ho gya h, jisse fever h, aap home remedies try kijiye. Sath hi body temperature check kijiye, agar temperature 102 se jyada dikhe to immediately doctor se consult kijiye, and home remedies se 1-2 din me aaram na mile to v doctor se consult kijiye. Ye sab normal hai kyunki aapki immune system down ho jaati hai. Apne aap ko garam rakhe.hygeine maintain rakhe. Garam paani pure din me peeti rahiye. Steam kaafi help karega. Paani me eucalyptus oil daal ke steam le. Khoob vitamin C rich fruits Jaise aamla,orange ,mausambi khaye. Black pepper kahne me daalne se immunity badhega. Body ko andar see bhi garam rakhna important hai.jiske liye,tulsi ke paate,ajwain,ginger aur pepper powder paanie ubale.usme thoda honey daalke peeti rahe.isse Aram milega.laoung much me rakhne se khansi me Aram milta hai. You will be fine donot worry.isse baby ko Kuch Nahi hoga.apna khyal rakhe.
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Question: Hi, i had bleeding for 1month after delivery, now my baby has completed 2nd month and again i see spotting from yesterday, does that mean my periods have started again?
Answer: Hello, yes dear this means your period has started..so don't worry it's completely fine to have periods right after the delivery bleeding.. it happens with most of the women.. just take complete rest and also increase your fluid intake it will be fine...
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Question: I am 7 week pregnant. At 6th week i had sonography. Everything was normal. I had intercourse i had lil light red spotting. Spoke to doctor. She askwd another sonography.then she said all is ok. Yesterday i had intercourse again. But not intense. Very light. Infact not inserted fully. But i could see dark brown spotting in the morning. Should I again visit doctor? Why is this happening?? Should i stop intercourse till baby is delivered?? Pleaee help.
Answer: Ask ur doctor when can u have intercourse go according to that it is not necessary should not have till delivery so don't worry. Happy parenting.
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