7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6 week pregnant feeling lots of hunger and tired in the night time wat i can eat in the mid night.

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Answer: Keep something near your bed to eat during the hunger. You may munch dry fruits or an apple. Keep some biscuits of ur choice too n wenevr u feel hungry have them drink water n sleep. I too usd to feel hungry during midnight and followed this method. Take care
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Question: Very hunger during mid night what shall I eat
Answer: Hii dear u can keep some of the easy snack handle like u can keep apple , fruit pie made of whole wheat dough, milk with supplement like mother Horlicks , paneer pieces , cold sandwich , home made whole grains like oats wheat muffins, protein bar museli, oats meal . These will satisfy ur short hunger.
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Question: Feeling hungry all the time and even if i eat anything the hunger feeling in the stomach is not going. Feels totally tired if i dont eat anything each hour. Is there any remedy to avoid frequent hunger
Answer: It's okay if you feel Hungry. Just have healthy snacks. And short meals.. drink plenty of water and fluids..
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Question: I am 9 month pregnant.. in night time shivering my body...feeling tired..
Answer: Hii dear. Shivering is not a normal sign. Plz check ur fever and consult doctor. These are seem to be a sign of typhoid because in that only shivering and tiringness is common. Plz take care.
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