7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6 week 2 days pregnant...today i got brown discharge ....i have consulted with dr ...dr has done sonography but she said no sac present ...nothing seen as pregnancy.....but my kit showing +ve test...i m so worried ..plz answer

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Answer: Please you cross verify ur doctor or go blood test... Sometimes kits may show false results
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Question: Why my sonography report says that the yolk sac & fetal pole are still not seen within ?? Also the the Dr. (Who has done my sonography) was telling me to remove this gestational sac as there is still no improvement ??
Answer: Hello, I also had same problem two years back.The only solution is to remove rest of material in uterine cavity.otherwise it causes infection.when the yolk sac and foetal pole are not seen so how the improvement hel their.The Pregnancy Isn't Viable. When in a follow-up ultrasound there's still no sign of a fetal pole (or of a gestational sac, which appears as a white rim around a clear center and will eventually contain amniotic fluid and enclose the developing baby) it means a miscarriage has occurred
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Question: I have done with 2 months pregnancy..but no sac is seen..
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. When the gestational sac is empty—meaning there's no yolk sac or embryo by the time there should be it is known as an empty sac pregnancy. An empty sac pregnancy is a type of miscarriage, even though the products of conception are still contained in the uterus. Please consult your gynecologist immediately. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: My lmp is 26 August, am pregnant, am done my first usg at 6week 5.6mm empty gestational sac seen, yolk sac and fetal pole not seen now 2 days before brown discharge occurs then consult to doctor, was injected progesterone after am OK no any brown discharge but today repeatedly brown discharge seen, first time pregnancy am very worried for this, plz suggest me why this happen please as soon as possible
Answer: Dear if you are facing the brown discharge again I would suggest you to consult the doctor again. Though please understand brown discharge is the old blood which is coming later which means either it is from the implantation time or there is internal bleeding which is causing this delayed discharge. So better would be to ask your gynae. Hope it helps.
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