26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6 month pregnant.. suffering from vericose vain problem.. almost everyday my leg is paining.. plz tell me something to cure that one...

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Answer: Plz elevate ur legs nd apply applecider venigar for few days.. use stockings. plz avoid long time standings..
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Question: Plz tell me cure for uti i am 6 month pregnant and i m really suffering from seveire urination burning
Answer: Hi dear, UTI is quite common in pregnancy.one must be very careful if the infection is recurring.kindly follow the tips: 1- increase your fluid intake,which you have already done 2- drink unsweetened cranberry juice 3- drink barley soak water 4- empty bladder whenever you have urge to urinate 5- empty bladder completly 6- a kid using public toilets 7- use sex hygiene 8- always clean the area with plain water after using toilet. 9- wipe front to back 10- include lot of vitamin C in diet 11- probiotics would help in growing good bacteria in gut,which would flush out bad ones 12- minimize bladder irritants like soda,or sugary diets. 13- exercise for a healthy life style 14- use loose fittings cotton panty only.
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Question: I'm 9th week pregnant. I'm suffering with constipation.. Plz tell me something to cure this
Answer: Fiber is your best defense, because it holds on to water and helps things pass through the intestine. Add fiber-rich foods such as a cereal, fruits, vegetables, and beans to your diet. If you can't get your fill from food, try fiber supplements. Take 1 tbs ghee in empty stomach. Finally, exercise is known to boost bowel motility. If lifestyle changes aren't working, ask your doctor about over-the-counter stool softeners like Colace. (Steer clear of laxatives during pregnancy).
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Question: hello mam, i am 4 month pregnant i am strongly suffering from leg cramp plz suggest something
Answer: start walking at slow pace... don't sit for longer times! u hav to improve blood circulation to legs to avoid cramping... massaging will only help temporarily! place Ur legs at a height over pillows wen sleeping!
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