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Question: I am 5 days late and I checked today's morning it was negetive.. Someone please help me

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Answer: Good morning.. You have taken the test a little early dear friend... Please wait for more 10 to 15 days and then take the pregnancy test.. This will give you a more accurate results... Hope this helps.
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    Shimzy Khan403 days ago

    Okk mam but I am little nervous because it already happened with me last time i just lost all the hopes but this month I am trying to be positive. Actually I have Endometrosis that's why I am little worried..

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Question: Hii..... I have missed period since 5 days... today morning I checked but it was negative... but I am having backpain and lower abdominal pain what to do
Answer: Hello dear. You should wait for another week and repeat the test. If it is negative then as well then please consult gynae. As too much delay in periods is also not good for your health. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi am suffering from sharp pains in stomach ,uneasiness ,vomiting sensation ,rashes on breast and delayed periods (20 days late) when i checked hpt ten days back it was negative what could be the reason please help me out
Answer: Hello dear , do the test again some time hcg lvl shws negative or else go for blood tests
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Question: Why i am getting negetive pregnancy test . I am 9 days late after my period
Answer: I can understand your curiosity. You need to wait for one week to ten days frm the day you missed periods to get results. Take first urine sample and pour in kit. If you see two lines it says you are pregnant. If you see one line it says you are not pregnant. If you see no line then the kit is not working. Light pink color line also means you are pregnant. Kit tries to detect hcg from your urine.All the best
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